Complete Scent Menu with Descriptions:

*=Light Scent  **=Medium Scent  ***=Strong Scent 

Best Sellers for May:

Vanilla Bean Supreme
Sugared Sand
 Pink Sugar Souffle
Wedding Cake
All-Butter Pound Cake: Rich, Buttery Pound Cake*
Almond Cookie: Rich Almond Cream*** 
Angel Food Cake: White Cake with notes of Vanilla and Coconut*
Apple Streudel: Sliced Apples, Brown Sugar, Butter, and Cinnamon  Swirl***
Apricot Vanilla Swirl: Luscious Apricot blended with Rich Vanilla**
Baked Vanilla Creme: Warm Milk with Sweet Cream Sugar***
Banana Coconut: Luscious ripe Banana and Fresh Coconut Milk**
Banana Cream Pie: Ripe Banana with rich Vanilla Cream***
Banana Nut Bread: Warm Banana with undertone of Nuts and
Berry Cobbler: Baked Raspberry, Blueberry, and Strawberry with baked crust***
Birthday Cake: White Cake with notes of Sugar and Buttercream*
Black Cherry: An intense deep, dark succulent Black Cherry***
Black Licorice: Star Anise with Tahitian Vanilla and Tonka Bean****
Blueberry Muffin: Plump Blueberry baked with Brown Sugar and Vanilla***
Brownie Delight: Warm Chocolate Brownie**
Brown Sugar: Warm Golden Sugar Cane*
Bubble Gum Ice Cream: Sweet Sugary Gum with a Vanilla swirl***
Butter Cookie: Like the one's you put on your pinky ~ Rich Butter & Cream*
Buttermint Candy: Rich Butter with a kiss of cool Peppermint***
Butter Toffee Cake: Yellow Cake with notes of Chocolate and Toffee**
Butterscotch Brownie: Ultra-Buttery and Creamy Butterscotch**
Cake Mix Batter: Batter of Cream, Sugar, Butter, and Vanilla Extract dripping from the beaters.**
Caramel Apple: Ripe Green Apple covered in Sweet Caramel***
Caramel Latte: Light Cappuccino mixed with smooth Caramel**
Caramel Pecan Pie: Toasted Pecans drizzled & baked with sweet Caramel**
Caramel Popcorn: Fresh Salted Popcorn drizzled with Melted Sugar Caramel*
Champagne Cocktail: Sparkling Fruit Medley with Grapefruit, Strawberries, Orange, and Lime***
Cherry Meringue Bites: Juicy Cherry topped with fluffy Vanilla Meringue***
Smooth Cream Cheese with hints of Cinnamon &
Graham Cracker*
Chocolate ala Orange: Rich Dark Chocolate drizzled on Candied Orange Slices**
Chocolate Chip Cookie: Warm Cookie with hints of Chocolate and Brown Sugar**
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry:
Ripe Strawberry dipped in Sweet Chocolate
Cinnamon Buns:
Rich Buttery Cinnamon blended with Vanilla Cream***
Cinnamon Toffee: Butter Toffee sprinkled with Cinnamon dust **
Citrus Salad: Tangy Orange slices with Lime, Pineapple, and Vanilla***
Coconut Cream Pie: Warm Coconut with heavy Cream*
Coconut Ice: Smooth, straight Coconut with Milky undertones**
Cookie Dough: Creamy Vanilla with Brown Sugar and Chocolate*
Cookies & Cream: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with a Vanilla Cream center**
Cotton Candy: Light, Spun-Sugar Candy*
Creamy Frosting: Rich Buttercream Frosting*
Creamy Peach: Sweet Peaches and smooth Vanilla Cream and Coconut***
Crème Brulee: The perfect blend of burnt Caramel and Vanilla Crème**
Crème de Caramel: Rich, Buttery Caramel with Toffee notes*
Dark Chocolate Mint: Rich, Dark Chocolate and refreshing Mint***
Dreamsicle: A blend of Sweet Orange and Vanilla Ice Cream***
Dutch Chocolate Cake: Rich, smooth Chocolate with Cocoa undertones**
Frosted Carrot Cake: Warm Spice Cake topped with Cream Cheese Frosting**
Fruit Tart: Fruit Medley of Strawberry, Peach, Orange, and Apple***
German Chocolate Cake: Dark Chocolate Cake topped with shredded Coconut** 
Glazed Coffee Cake: Warm Vanilla Cake with Spicy Cinnamon and Sugar***
Grape Lollipop: Sweet ripe Concord Grape***
Grapefruit Twist: Tart Ruby Red Grapefruit with a swirl of Vanilla***
Green Apple: Tart Granny Smith Apple mash**
Honey Almond: Almond Slices brushed with sweet Honey**  
Honey Buns: Golden Honey Baked into Sweet Butter Cake**
Jelly Donuts: Lightly Fried Dough sprinkled with Sugar and filled with Strawberrry Jam**
Key Lime Pie: Tart Lime with Vanilla Cream, and Graham Cracker***
Lavender Cream Puff: Smooth Vanilla Cream with a sprig of Fresh Lavender***
Lemon Chiffon: Creamy Lemon with Whipped Cream** 
Lemon Pound Cake: Sweet Lemon Chiffon with Vanilla Cake**
Mango Sorbet: Ripe, juicy Mango slices***
Maple Pecan StreuselPecan Cake drizzled with Sweet Maple Syrup**
Maple Syrup: Rich Maple, Toasted Pecans, Vanilla Creme, and Brown Sugar**
Marshmallow Fluff: Ultra-light whipped Vanilla*
Oatmeal Cookie: Baked Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, & Cinnamon**
Orange Chiffon Cake: Warm Bundt Cake with Orange Marmalade Glaze***
Peanut Butter & Jelly: Creamy Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam**
Peanut Butter Cookie: Baked Cookie with Rich, Creamy Peanut Butter** 
Peppermint Vanilla Latte: Invigorating Peppermint with a splash of smooth Vanilla***
Pineapple Upside Down Cake: Sweet, Juicy Pineapple with warm Vanilla Cake***
Pink Buttercream Frosting: Sweet Buttercream with Pink Sugar Crystals*
Pink Sugar Souffle: Light Spun Sugar with Cotton Candy and Amber Notes***
Pomegranate Fizz: Ripe Pomegranate with sparkly Sugar**
Popcorn Balls: Popcorn with Light Corn Syrup & Butter**
Pralines & Cream: Crunchy Praline mixed with sweet Vanilla Creme* 
Pumpkin Pie: Warm Cinnamon Spice and fresh Pumpkin***
Raspberry Chocolate: Creamy Chocolate blended with sweet, smooth Raspberry**
Raspberry Lemonade: Tart Lemonade mellowed with Sweet Raspberry***
Red Velvet Cake: Luscious Red Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting **
Rice Crispy Cakes: Puffed Rice with Marshmallow & Butter*
Snicker Doodle Cookie: Sugar Cookie with a dusting of Cinnamon*
Sparkling Fruit Punch: A fizzing blend of Strawberry, Apple, Peach, and Lemon***
Strawberry Banana: Sweet Strawberry and Fresh Banana blended together***
Strawberry Parfait: Sweet Strawberry Preserves with light Vanilla***
Strawberry Shortcake: Fresh Strawberry with rich Vanilla Cake***
Strawberry Taffy: Sweet Strawberry Saltwater Taffy from the shore.**
Sugar Baby: Whisper-soft Baby Powder blended with Vanilla Beans**
Sugared Sand: Seasalt, Mandarin Orange, & Suntan Lotion***
Sugar Cookie: Sweet Vanilla Cookie sprinkled with granulated Sugar**
Sugar Milk: Warm Condensed Milk blended with Sugar & Cream**
Tangy Sweet Tart: A Sour combination of Fruit that makes you want to pucker just thinking about it!***
Triple Cream Custard: Sweet Buttermilk, Whipped Cream, and Glazed Caramel Custard blended to perfection. **
Twinkie Cake: Vanilla Sponge Cake filled with Sweet Frosting*
Vanilla Bean Supreme: A Nutty blend of Vanilla, Cream, and Butter**  
Vanilla Cupcake: Moist Vanilla Cake with Creamy Frosting*
Vanilla Extract: Straight out of the brown bottle Vanilla. Not too sweet*
Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee: Fresh brewed Coffee blended with Nutty Vanilla**
Vanilla Pear: Juicy Glazed Pear topped with Vanilla Cream**
Vanilla Wafer: Light, Crispy Baked Vanilla Wafer Cookie* 
Waffle Cone: Buttery Caramel with baked Toffee notes*
Walnut Crunch Cake: Rich Vanilla Cake topped with Toasted Walnut and Caramel Drizzle*
Watermelon Slice: Ripe, Juicy Watermelon fresh off the vine***
Wedding Cake: *Best Seller! Smooth, Creamy Vanilla Cake**
White Chocolate Mousse: Light, Milky Chocolate *
White Chocolate Raspberry: Creamy White Chocolate with Raspberry Creme**